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There are many challenges facing our country today be they economic, social or indeed the general detachment and lack of faith people have in the political process.

I believe that the Conservative Party of today is seeking to meet these challenges and bring about change in a way that impacts the way we are governed ,whilst having developed innovative policies which are relevant to people’s lives.

This is not about abandoning traditional Conservative principles, far from it. The party is committed to low tax and small government .It believes in promoting choice and local empowerment. These principles are complemented with a true sense of responsibility and social justice in the policies we develop be they in health, education or regeneration to name but three areas.

The Conservative Party is also changing in how it engages with people. The party is committed to empowerment through localised decision making and engagement with our communities. I’m therefore delighted to be the Vice Chairman for the party focused on not only delivering this message, but also being part of engaging more effectively with the communities which constitute today’s Britain.

I look forward to hearing from you



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